In business there are ups and downs. Increases and decreases in productivity, peaks and troughs in cash flow, staffing changes, supply chain concerns. It’s not uncommon to have days or weeks when you can’t be sure what’s next.

Many business-owners experience this and continue to thrive, but at what point should you question whether you’re having just a lull in inspiration or a more long-term crisis of confidence. When is it time to think about whether a business coach could help you to move through this uncertainty and get you back to your right path? Read on to find out 4 signs that mean you could benefit from business coaching.


1. The path forward is hidden

Do any of the below statements resonate with you?

  • You’re struggling to understand your role as a leader and business owner
  • You’re questioning what your day-to-day schedule should look like
  • You find yourself changing the direction of the business, sometimes on a whim, and questioning the new path almost straight away
  • Your plans are all in your head, nothing is written down, organised and formalised
  • You’re questioning your ideas and trying to final external justifications

Business leaders, whether you’re called CEO, Managing Director or anything else, particularly founding owners, are often entrepreneurial. They have input throughout many areas of their business and experience in various functions. They often need to pull up their sleeves and do the work of more junior employees when they’re starting their business but struggle to know when they can stop. They’re busy and used to juggling so much that it’s hard to take a step back and be the leader the business needs.

A coach can help you establish your role, remit and responsibilities at work and ensure they’re leaving you enough brain space outside of work too. Setting out your responsibilities in writing and ensuring they fit with your business’ goals can help you to see how your actions are directly affecting when and how goals are achieved. A business coach can also help you set aside work that you don’t need to take on, and to delegate and nurture your employees and peers.

Hidden path

2. You often feel overwhelmed

You’re overwhelmed if you often wonder “when was the last time I went on holiday?” or “when did I last leave the office on time?” or even “when did I last get to put the kids to bed?”. Overwhelm can also present as having a short fuse, overly emotional reactions to situations you’ve previously been able to work through or fatigue. If you can recognise these qualities in yourself, you need to focus on quality not quantity. A coach can help with prioritisation, for example delegating and taking things off your plate that don’t need your input. They can also help with productivity and analysing your day-to-day to understand what’s contributing towards the business goals and what isn’t so you can streamline your efforts.


3. You feel stuck

If you’re feeling indecisive about growing your business, whether it’s getting off the ground with a new idea or ensuring you’ve thought everything through, even with an experienced entrepreneur, it can be daunting to make changes. Instead of getting stuck in a rut, partnering with a business coach can give you direction when planning and rolling out new business strategies or operational changes. Removing the obstacles in your way with help from a business coach will allow you to achieve your new business goals.

An experienced business coach can help you to gain perspective and confidence when planning and executing new business strategies.


4. You have a desire to hone new skills

No one has it all. Some business owners and leaders might thrive at building a fantastic team and inspiring them. Some might see the latest innovations and ensure their company is always ahead of the curve. Some may speak the language of finances and negotiation. It’s unlikely that you as a business leader have nothing left to learn, we can all continue to learn!

Whether you want to hone the soft skills of personability, negotiating or leadership, or whether your knowledge gap lies in something more practical, for example a new technology, a business coach can help. It’s important to ensure you’re comfortable opening up to your coach so they can understand what training you might benefit from, even if you’re not sure.

New skills

So, what should you do?

The indicators above are good traits to be self-aware about so you can understand when you should explore working with a business coach. Ultimately however, if you’re reading this and if you’re contemplating partnering with a business coach, you probably need one. You’ve come this far, so you’re clearly open to change and feel there’s something in your way, so you’re in the right place!

According to research by the International Coach Federation in the US, 70% of small business owners that have hired a business coach have seen increased work performance, 86% have seen a return on investment and huge 99% of entrepreneurs were happy that they made the decision to hire a business coach.

Everyone needs collaboration, fresh ideas and new perspectives from time-to-time. Hiring a business coach is a tool, not a failing or a misstep.

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