Hi. I’m Grant.

I am a therapist and coach who is passionate about people and helping to unlock their inner potential.

As a deeply curious man I care enough to walk with people that want to change, in order to rapidly achieve a higher level of results.

Grant About

About Me

As a highly qualified and experienced therapist and coach for over 3 decades, it has been my privilege to inspire people towards clearing their limitations and unlocking their possibilities.

Trained in Time Line Therapy® (TLT Master), Coaching (Life and Business Coaching) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Master & Trainer of NLP), I enable people to heal themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically through positive psychology, neuroscience, and accelerated learnings.

Having been a member of numerous therapy boards of standards ABNLP, COMENSA, IMI, ABH and as a member of the Association for NLP (ANLP), I strongly believe that adherence to ethical and legal standards is vital to ensuring a safe environment for clients to grow, develop and heal.

Making a difference in my community has been core to my life, expressed through seasoned experience as a counsellor at LifeLine for over 20 years, chairperson of ChildLine, and currently an active listening volunteer at Samaritans. I grew an extra heart when my daughter was born, and love our family time walking with my wife, dog (and yes cat), as well as reading, swimming, and cycling.

I will inspire you to grow, think more clearly and transform to living the life you choose, desire and deserve. I am delighted to support you through the coaching or therapy services.

My Approach

Do you want to grow, develop, and heal in a holistic way, incorporating a balanced life that is sustainable? That’s what I do.

By creating a gentle, safe, empowering environment I utilise Time Line Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Applied Neuroscience to support you in moving away from pain and challenges, to focus on aspects of life that are fulfilling and meaningful. These techniques empower you to take back the emotional reins in your life, in a sustainable manner.

​Clearing your negative emotions and limiting beliefs is half the battle. The other aspect of my approach is through NLP coaching, inspiring you to build your new life strategies into powerful habits and building resilience. These support you to develop intrinsic motivation as well as living a fuller, happier, and more enriched life.

I believe in you as your coach and therapist. Isn’t it time for you to do the same?

How I Can Help

As a master of the unconscious mind, I enable you to build a better relationship with your unconscious mind towards releasing negative emotions that are often suppressed, like depression, anxiety, anger, fear, hurt and apathy. These negative emotions often prevent you from reaching the peak of your own development and may cause untold suffering.​

My prime area of support is towards enabling clients to regain positive mental health and balance, by specialising in the most challenging areas, such as:

  • ​​Low self-esteem & confidence
  • Depression or sadness
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessive disorders
  • Phobias

As a Time Line Therapist, I have gathered techniques, tools, models and frameworks across the years that have enabled clients overcome all manner of “stuckness”. I am passionate about growth and love to support others on their journey of development.

I look forward to walking with you on your journey of growth and personal transformation.


“Double the results and more energy, thank you for our transformational coaching partnership. I’ve been able to deliver large projects and still a balanced healthy life, with fun and creativity. Thank you for your on-point, pragmatic support, especially when the going gets tough. Your ability to draw on so many disciplines from neuroscience, complimented by your business and project management experience has been invaluable to me, in all spheres of my life.”

Lucia Van Der Merwe

‘Grant is one of the most presentable Coaches I have met. He is the Anthony Robbins of South Africa. A perfectionist, honest, well-spoken, considerate, humble, yet highly knowledgeable and motivational. Representation by Grant will leave you changed in a fundamental way.”

Stephen Putter

“Grant engages with each and every client in a uniquely individualised way. Besides seasoned experience and expertise in a diversity of coaching and therapy disciplines, his focus on keeping abreast of leading-edge advancements is key to the life-changing breakthroughs experienced by clients.  Grant’s sense of humanity, empathy, and inspirational coaching persona has a catalytic influence in helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives, relationships, and careers.”

Robert Klynsmith

Training, Qualifications & Experience

My qualifications include professional Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy

Certified Trainer of NLP (2010)

BCom Honours (IS) Degree (2008)

NLP Coach Certificate (2005)

NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (2004)

Performance Coach Certificate (2004)

Practitioner of Hypnotherapy Certificate (2003)

Certified LifeLine Counsellor (1994)

Business Management Diploma (1984)

I am passionate about supporting others through Coaching and Therapy and my experience includes:

Time Line Therapy, Counselling & Hypnotherapy with individuals to overcome life’s challenges

Life coaching enabling individuals to succeed professionally and/or privately

Relationship coaching supporting couples to develop a sustainable, loving, nurturing relationship

Performance coaching staff and teams for high performance

Executive coaching senior leadership for strategic implementation

Business coaching small businesses for growth and development

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