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Grant Hamel Consulting

Work on your business rather than in your business.

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Coaching is a journey of unlocking your potential, accelerating your growth and transforming your life.

Grant focuses on helping people re-invent themselves and their organisations within the context of executive coaching and business coaching.

Team Development

Grant provides a facilitated process to develop sustainable high performance teams. He assists your team to align, sustain their change of strategy and working better together.


Keynote Talks

Online talks often hit home, yet little beats the impact of hearing from those who inspire in person and connecting with like-minded people.

Grant Hamel

Grant is a professional trainer, executive coach and business consultant who is passionate about people and helping to unlock their inner potential. A deeply curious man who cares enough to walk with people that want to change, in order to rapidly achieve a higher level of results.

Continually seeking new coaching modalities, Grant re-invents himself regularly towards “succeeding on purpose”, and this along with his passion for making a difference, has led to helping others to work on their business rather than in their business.

“Grant is one of the most presentable Coaches I have met. He is the Anthony Robbins of South Africa. A perfectionist, honest, well spoken, considerate, humble, yet highly knowledgeable and motivational. Representation by Grant will leave you changed in a fundamental way.” 

Stephen Putter

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