Hear from some of the clients I’ve worked with that have experienced the amazing results
that can be achieved through coaching in these testimonials.

“If you a looking for smart answers and clever phrases and quick solutions then Grant Hamel is not your man.

However, if you a prepared to settle for some directions to a path worth treading that might give you some ideas of how to manage this very odd process that we call life, then I have suggestion. Take the first step and engage. Go glove to glove with Grant and start what might well be a life-changing conversation. His work is based in the magical question of  “How can I serve you?”. It is this question that underpins Grant’s work. You will likely find his ideas different and “off the wall”. He is married, is a father to a daughter, and has gone through the morass of divorce.  As he puts it “been there, done that, read the book and got the t-shirt”. One thing he is very sure about. His life is not “perfect”.

Be very clear as to why you are calling him.

You will find him as I do, quick, straightforward and quite unwilling to be nice for the sake of being nice and very willing to listen to your point of view.”

Christopher Nevill, Lifesmith, UK

“I contacted Grant when I was looking at setting up my own business, but knew there was something that was holding me back that I needed to tap into first to get the most out of myself and people around me, and I am so grateful that I did. 

Grant brought together a perfect blend of business acumen and behavioural therapy, which allowed me to understand how my past experiences, relationships with family and any trauma I experienced was holding me back. By discussing how I like to work, where my need to feel in control came from and my reluctancy to give up that control together, with what makes me feel vulnerable, I was able to understand what I need to do within myself and which people I need to surround myself in a business, in order to succeed. It was tough going at times as you need to be ready to really shine a light on to yourself and delve into what makes you tick and understand why you are the way you are, your reactions, worries, etc. Once you get passed that the tools provided by Grant are invaluable, not just in business but in your every day life.”


Jackie Balchin, UK

“Grant engages with each and every client in a uniquely individualised way. Besides seasoned experience and expertise in a diversity of coaching and therapy disciplines, his focus on keeping abreast of leading-edge advancements is key to the life-changing breakthroughs experienced by clients.

Grant’s sense of humanity, empathy, and inspirational coaching persona has a catalytic influence in helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives, relationships, and careers.”

Robert Klynsmith, Business Strategist, South Africa

“I have known and worked with Grant over the past three years or so and appreciate the remarkable way in which he proactively engages with executives, management teams and organisations in a diversity of situations. Besides being highly proficient and experienced across the full spectrum of executive and agile coaching disciplines, including project planning, it is interesting to note his multi-talented capacity to remain relevant and advance progressively in tune with the momentum of the much anticipated fourth and fifth industrial revolutions.

Grant’s value contribution lies in his natural proclivity to inspire and relate to people of various backgrounds, cultures and stations in life along with a strong technical knowledge and understanding of systems and processes. A unique skillset that speaks strongly to his forte in strategically leading organisations through change with agility and finesse.

Grant’s spirit of adventure and love for life is contagious. His intellectual curiosity and sense of humanity inspires those around him to elevate their thinking and find meaning in the world of work and life. May I add that Grant has had a profound impact on my personal growth and significant influence in heightening my expertise as a business strategist. I enjoy and appreciate both a professional and personal relationship with Grant and strongly believe his greatest achievements are yet to come.”


Lucia Van Der Merwe, Head of Business Systems, South Africa

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