Explore some frequently Asked Questions about coaching and therapy to see how stepping out of your comfort zone can help you.

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1. What is coaching?
Coaching is a process that supports you through creating an environment that enables you to thrive, achieve your goals and live a happier more fulfilled life.
2. Why be coached?
To rapidly reach your goals, progress in life and evolve yourself to be more confident, more satisfied and more aligned to your own values.
3. How does coaching work?
By developing a thinking and an accountability partner such as myself you are able to clarify what you want, be encouraged to take consistent action and be supported in staying focused towards achieving your goals.
4. What makes my coaching different? 
An open, curious and authentic coach who cares with deep empathy and who is passionate about supporting you to grow.
5. Who have I helped?
Some coaching clients who have had huge breakthroughs and achieved high levels of success in their lives have found that coaching has made a difference through being:
  • encouraged as a technician to evolve into the successful business owner that he is today
  • supported as a factory manager to promote into her next level as general manager
  • guided as a kickboxing champion to exceed all his own records
  • enabled as a medical doctor to successfully navigate his promotion to engage the board as executive director
  • empowered as a manager to evolve into her dream role as a successful coach
6. What do others say about me?
Some quotes that clients have shared over the years are:
  • “I was inspired to do better, and exceed all my expectations and dreams”
  • “I felt supported, encouraged and inspired to go the extra mile, push myself further than I would have on my own and achieve my goals consistently.”
  • “I am so much richer in life, more balanced and happier after walking through this coaching process”
  • “I wish I had done this sooner, I would have been so much further ahead of my game had I started coaching sooner”
  • “I not only exceeded my goals, I am making way more money and I am happier”
7. What problem does coaching solve?
People who engage coaching are often stuck, procrastinating or not progressing towards their goals enough. This leads to frustration, stress and a lower self-worth especially when it comes to the challenge of feeling relevant and purposeful. Often people are moving away from their challenges such as feeling blocked, limited or even not good enough and want to find a better more balanced and meaningful life. Most people know instinctually that they are capable of so much more, achieving more, having more and being more then they currently are. That’s what coaching enables you to do!


1. Enables you to rapidly achieve my goals
You can achieve a certain standard, coaching supports you to go further and achieve faster than you can on your own.
2. Helps you to clarify your goals and keep you on track 
Part of the coaching process is to help you to get clear about what you want and to keep focussed on those goals, the actions that you need to take in order to achieve them and persevere until you succeed.
3. Supports you to develop better relationships with yourself and others 
As your awareness grows through the coaching process, so too does your relationship with yourself (and unconscious mind) and other people, evolve to better and more meaningful relationships.
4. Grows you to develop as a person and broaden your horizons
Your perspective of the world is enriched through coaching and you are thus able to grow deeper than you believed. Your exposure and opportunity to explore further is also supported through the coaching process.
5. Guides you to overcome my limitations and get unstuck
We all have blockers or limitations in our lives, and through your coaching partnership you get the opportunity to explore these and find healthy ways to overcome them.
6. Empowers your transformation and repurposing your life 
You are good enough as we are, and coaching encourages you to grow and develop beyond your immediate situation, often in a life transforming way. This also leads to reviewing other aspects of your life that supports you into aligning to your higher purpose in life.
7. Builds your confidence to live authentically according to your values
As you grow on your coaching journey, you learn to trust yourself to achieve more, building your confidence and habits to achieve consistently on your own. These align to your own values and help you lead a more balanced fulfilled authentic life.


1. What is therapy?
Therapy is a process that enables people to overcome negative mental health patterns, disorders, painful feelings and self-destructive behaviours and strategies.
2. Why get therapy?
We all experience pain in life at some point of our human existence, yet we do not need to suffer and there are therapies available to enable us to overcome the challenges that we have in or lives and step into positive mental health patterns that are sustainable towards leading happier, more balanced and meaningful lives. 
3. How does therapy work?
Through working with your therapist you are able to assess and diagnose your presenting problem or mental health condition. And through an intervention or treatment program you move towards developing positive mental health and resilience that lasts.
4. What makes my therapist different? (Grant Hamel)
An open, curious, warm and authentic therapist who cares with deep empathy, congruence and compassion and who is passionate about supporting you to overcome those mental health issues that have persistently challenged you.
5. Who has it helped?
Some therapy clients who have had huge breakthroughs with successful interventions in their lives are:
  • a lady battling with OCD resolved her self-destructive patterns within a few weeks
  • a client who had been battling with panic attacks for many years was able to overcome these attacks and establish positive habits
  • after being depressed for several years a client was able to not only establish new positive behavioural patterns, but in conjunction with her medical doctor was able to completely come off her anti-depressants
  • one person battling with deep grief over the loss of their son, was able to breakthrough her desperation and start finding purpose and hope again in life. The pain and loss will always be there, yet she was able to re-engage life, and start helping others too.
  • Another client was battling with low-self esteem and not progressing in life and after just one session she was able to resolve this issue and re-establish new positive habits that supported her as she progressed into coaching towards achieving her goals in life.
6. What do others say about my therapist?
Some quotes that clients have shared over the years:
  • “I cannot believe the difference this has made in my life. My whole life has changed.”
  • “If only I had discovered this therapist years ago, what a different life I would have lived. Where was this therapist then?”
  • “I not only know that I can, I am. I have been able to overcome my challenges (and there were many) and start looking forward to the joy that I have been finding in my life lately.”
  • “Some days are better than others, however after therapy I have found better tools to cope better and even build up my resilience, so that when things don’t quite work out, i am able to bounce back again.”
  • “I couldn’t remember a happy time in my life, and within a few weeks after starting therapy, I was able to not only overcome my grief (and anger), but I was able to find myself authentically smiling and being happy. “
7. What problem does solve solve?
People who seek therapy have often had enough of feeling bad, and not only want something to change, but just want the negative feelings, low energy states and other suffering and pain to stop. This leads to stress, anger and depression especially when it comes to the challenge of feeling whole and happy. Often people are moving away from their challenges and disorders that are holding them back for living a richer more fulfilled life. We all know we were not put on this planet to suffer. That’s what therapy unlocks, finding more meaning, stepping into a happier more balanced life and establishing positive mental health!


1. Enables me to rapidly transcend my limitations/challenges/problems
I can overcome challenges, limitations and problems in my life through powerful insights and interventions.
2. Helps and supports me through my challenges/problems 
Part of the therapy process is to help you to get clear about what is holding you back, what you need to work through and support you as you find your own answers and solutions. 
3. Supports me healing myself and my relationships with others 
As your awareness grows through the therapy process, so too does your relationship with your self (and unconscious mind) and other people, evolve to better and more meaningful relationships.
4. Enables me through tools, techniques and interventions
Your insights into some valuable tools and techniques is enhanced through the therapy process and you walk away with tools that you can leverage throughout your life.
5. Guides me to adopt a healthier, happier and more meaningful lifestyle
As you emerge from your challenges and the shadow side of your life, you are empowered and encouraged to regain life-balance and find healthier ways to deal with the challenges that life brings..
6. Empowers me to engage my own transformational journey
When we have take the first steps and moved beyond the immediacy of our circumstances, you are encouraged and supported to engage a longer term approach and possibly even step into coaching towards further developing yourself.
7. Builds my confidence to live authentically according to my values
As you grow through your therapy you learn to trust yourself and tap into your own inner strength thus building your resilience, confidence and habits to positively engage a more balanced fulfilled and authentic life.

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