Strategic Business Coaching for Individuals and Teams

As a business coach I inspire my clients to change rapidly and what makes my coach offering unique is that I help clients tap into and address their key issues within minutes. Strategic business coaching can transform your business rapidly.

Ghandi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”. I attempt to live by this philosophy through not only engaging my clients but through transforming alongside them, living out the concept of, “You never fly alone”.

Your journey is also my journey.

Coaching for Individuals

I help people succeed on purpose and get better results rapidly and practically through training, coaching and therapy. People who have walked with me find that they release their limitations and reach new heights in a very short period of time. I believe in empowering others in consciously making better decisions towards achieving their goals, literally “succeeding on purpose”. I enjoy assisting people to change rapidly through leveraging positive psychology and accelerated technologies like NLP, Time Line Techniques, Hypnotherapy, in order to live happier, more fulfilled, authentic and more balanced lives.

Business Coaching

(3 Months – 8 sessions)

Business coaching helps you to work on your business rather than in your business and is a powerful process that is an action catalyst, accelerator and self-discovery towards helping you to achieve your outcomes, develop your business and live a more purpose-filled balanced life. (Often used to clear blockages in a thinking partnership).

Neuro-Business Coaching

(6 Months – 16 Sessions)

Neuro-business coaching also known as Thinking Coaching helps you establish sustainable habits and tools to develop you and your business to work smarter and get results consistently. (Often used for business productivity).

Strategic Business Coaching

(12 Months – 26 Sessions)

Strategic coaching helps you create a practical blue print to evolve your business to the next level. This includes assisting you to develop a high performance team or teams as part of your business strategy. (Often used as a business growth point).

Neuro-Turboboost/Personal Breakthrough Session

(1 week – 3 sessions/10 hours)

This intervention is a spring clean to help you to clear your major negative emotions and the negative impact they have on your life and business. This process helps to clear Anger, Sadness and Hurt, Fear, Guilt and Conflict and any other Limiting Decisions or Negative Emotions. (Often used to turbo-boost from a major setback or challenge).


(1 Month – 8 sessions)

Neuro-reprogramming helps you to clear self-sabotage, limitations, blockages and areas where you feel stuck or restricted creating empowering behaviours and positive results in your business and in your life. This is a powerful process that assists with clearing blocked areas in your life. (Often used to clear fears, phobias such as public speaking, flying etc., procrastination, panic disorders, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders) and depression).

Coaching for Teams

I assist corporates and SME’s to become more productive and resolve problems easier through my training, facilitation and coaching programs using positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Leadership and more. I evoke and evolve teams and individuals towards being more inspired, more engaged and more productive. Businesses can then clearly determine their return on investment using change and project management principles to measure results through a balance scorecard methodology.

Team Discovery Day (TDD)

(1 ½ Day – 3 Sessions)

The TDD is designed to align your team, help them to develop into a high performance team very rapidly and to work better together. This intensive process gets practical results that is measurable and has written reports for ongoing development programs. (Often used when a team has undergone a change, is under new leadership or needs to improve their game).

Coffee Conversations & Team Coaching

(6 months – 6 Sessions) 

Coffee Conversations are a facilitated process with your team to assist them to sustain their change of strategy and get rapid practical results. It helps grow them into high performance individuals and helps develop high performance teams. (Often used to develop a sustainable high performance team).

Personality Assessments

(2 sessions) 

One of the most powerful ways to develop and grow yourself is through feedback and this series of personality assessments are designed to help you to get to know yourself from many different aspects. The following assessments are powerfully useful:

Enneagram – a persona assessment shows your areas of mastery
Meta Program (major psychological strategies) – an assessment to highlight your personal strategies
Values Elicitation (prime drivers in life) – aligning your values and installing missing values (like MONEY)
Face Profiling (physiognomy/physical features) – how your facial features clarifies aspects of your persona.