Helping you to work on your business

rather than in your business.


Grant is one of the most presentable Coaches I have met. He is the Anthony Robbins of South Africa, perfectionist, honest, well spoken, considerate, humble yet highly knowledgeable and motivational. representation by Grant will leave you changed in a fundamental way.

Stephen Putter

How Business Coaching Will Help You.

We are all reliant on money, and most of us receive our money from business.

Through world-class business coaching, you can evolve your thinking towards expressing your inner potential, and take solid practical action to succeed on purpose.

Clients, who start a coaching process with me, typically address some challenge or problem and want to move towards a more solution-centric strategy in business. My coaching solution wil help you to rapidly clear blockages, get you on track and succeeding on purpose in a very practical sustainable way.

I help both individuals and teams fulfil their potential through a series of structured coaching sessions

I offer a 30-minute Skype consultation free of charge. Typically we can identify key issues within 15 minutes, giving you a practical action you can use right away to change your thinking.

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