Helping you to work on your business

rather than in your business.


I align to the international and national coaching bodies, including ICF, COMENSA and the Tad James International NLP & Hypnotherapy Certification standards.

I am IMI Certified and offer international certifications and qualification aligned to ABNLP & ABH.

About me and my journey.

I am a professional trainer, executive coach, and a business consultant. I am passionate about people and inspiring the best in others, and really do assist others to transform rapidly, practically and sustainably. I am an inspirational speaker and thought leader in my field.

I became a leading specialist in strategic facilitation, change management and accelerated transformation through a balance of practical experience in various managerial roles and active research in neuroscience, positive psychology and accelerated human potential technologies. I bring value-based leadership into business with MY energetic blend of training, facilitation and coaching.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Information Systems, a Diploma in Business Management, as well as certificates in Project Management, NLP Trainers, Masters and Practitioner and performance coaching. I integrate my passion for people and systems that assists individuals, businesses and corporates to embrace change rapidly and practically in a sustainable way.